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Have you been asked to submit a Rodent Abatement Declaration form when applying for demolition permit?

Pest Inspection for Building Demolition

Many cities, such as Surrey, Langley, Delta and New Westminster now require a Rodent Abatement Declaration report as part of the demolition permit application often when the building is derelict, or has been used for agricultural purposes.  This is because vacant buildings awaiting demolition provide shelter and nesting opportunities for rodents and they may also contain food attractants.  Construction activities will drive them from the building which create health risks for the nearby residents and businesses.

Our pest control specialist will perform the necessary rodent control abatement service around the exterior and interior of the house, building, detached garage, sheds or other structures. Once completed we will be able to certify that all necessary rodent abatement work has been completed, allowing you to proceed on with the rest of your demolition permit application.

To schedule your rodent abatement service or to receive additional information, call, WhatsApp or email us now. 

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