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Pest Control Services

Free Quotation

Free quotation (over the phone) with our expert team. 

Onsite inspection fee applicable for inspecting attic, crawl space, and for bedbugs or wildlife starting at $75.00 +GST.  

Affordable prices

We are committed to offering a reasonable and affordable pricing in town. 

7 Days a Week

Weekend services are available and treatments are personalized to suit your needs and schedule. 

Call now or email us for more details.


Importance of preparation

The key to successful pest control treatment is preparation. Treating without preparation could significantly affect the efficiency and effectiveness. Lack of preparation can also lead to unsuccessful results and re-infestation.

Preparation guide will be communicated with you prior to treatment.

Wasps and Hornets
Mice and Rats
Rodent Abatement Report

The fight against pest is an ongoing matter as there are more of them than there are of us.  Our job as pest management specialists is to offer treatment solutions for any types and levels of infestation followed by a strict adherence and dedication to prevention.  Pest will likely come back but we will guide you in how to make it more difficult for them to enter your home, and how to be prepared if they do get onto your property again.

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