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Exterior Protection

The importance of pest prevention for your home and commercial property will help you experience fewer pest problems.  Here are just a few great reasons why pest prevention is so beneficial as part of your pest control strategy:

  • Prevention eliminates the need for costly pest control treatments, thus reducing your costs and protecting your bottom line.

  • Prevention eliminates the contact you have with bothersome and sometimes damaging pests. Common household bugs that can pose a problem to your health include spiders and cockroaches and rodents like mice and rats are also known for spreading diseases.

Image by Frenjamin Benklin

Option A:

   Exterior Rodent Control

  • Monitor rodent activities in your area.

  • Control rodent population.

  • Effectively prevent rodent invasion.

All prices include tax. 

*No setup fee and free initial inspection.

*Any existing pest issue will need to addressed before enrolling to any of the above program.


To schedule your Exterior Protection Program or to receive additional information, call, WhatsApp or email us now. 

Image by Syed Ali

Option B:

   Crawling Insects Exterior 


  • Exterior perimeter spray 3x a year

  • Once in Spring/ Summer/ Fall

  • Prevent insects from entering your property.

All prices include tax. 

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